People keep saying Keira Knightley is too thin. Can’t imagine why. She’s, like, so totally healthy looking, don’t you think?

That said, I LOVE this dress. For her. It’s gorgeous.

London premiere of The Duchess is happening right now – Keira brought her bones along with her pout and was kind enough to sign autographs for fans without cussing them out.

Also in attendance – the divine Ralph Fiennes who plays the Duke of Devonshire and Dominic Cooper from Mamma Mia who’s kinda like James Hewitt. I feel like he’s wee. Is he wee? They’re all wee!

The Duchess, trailer below, will be released on September 19th and screens at TIFF on Sunday. Next up for Keira is the role of, who else?, Cordelia in King Lear, with my Gwyneth, Naomi Watts, and Anthony Hopkins. Yet another period piece…

She said it herself: people can’t see her in contemporary roles.

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