Unlike the rest of the free world, was not a fan of Keira Knightley’s eggplant creation at the Oscars two years ago. Dark and severe and old… much too old for a gamine 20 year old creature plucky enough to play Lizzie Bennett with aplomb.

Last night at the TIFF premiere of Atonement however was eggplant perfectly presented. Check out Keira in the most beautiful dress, the perfect length, appropriate soft waves, and shoes that will inspire full on obsession.

Total gorgessity.

As for Keira – she’s nice but not warm, interesting but guarded, engaging with just enough mystery, and in person… pretty but not distractingly so. It’s an intriguing mix. I am intrigued.

An interesting girl who will have a long, long career, if she can get over herself and out of her moody early 20s phase when brooding is cool and depression is the hottest new trend. Make it come soon.