I remember a writing about Keira Knightley a few years ago, back when she was all morose and dark t-shirty, stuck in that predictable phase they all go through between 20 and 25 when everything seems so bleak and every day is a suicide song. Naturally I got shouted down about not understanding and having no compassion because, I dunno, being famous is hard or something.

Eventually it passes.

It has passed for Keira Knightley. And it’s a lighter Keira Knightley who covers the October issue of Vogue and is able to assess her retreat from acting and her new approach to her job with a refreshingly chill perspective. It really doesn’t have to be so heavy; it seems like she’s figured that out.

Keira of course is promoting Anna Karenina which is receiving, at best, mixed reviews so far coming out of TIFF. Some of the feedback I’ve heard is that it’s beautifully shot but that the story might suffer as a result...? But what better film to profile in Vogue, especially since director Joe Wright was very specific about costume selection in certain scenes to highlight, or expose, Anna’s mood and situation. And so the inspiration for the accompanying photo shoot by Mario Testino. Is it just me or are some of these images very oddly proportioned? Look at the shot of her leaning backwards in that teacup dress. The photoshop is not only sh-t, it’s also super creepy. Is her head supposed to be the same size as the distance between her shoulders and her waist??? Also the one of her in the black gown with the sheer sleeves. The angles are f-cked, and I know it’s supposed to be all arty and whatever but the end result is less art-beauty than it is art-freak, particularly the way her right arm is hanging off her body.

Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are also included in the spread. Fine, Aaron’s hair may not be your flavour, fine. And whatever, you’re not as obsessed with his relationship as I am. But come on. In this portrait, he is breathtaking, come on admit it.

Click here to read Keira’s full interview with Vogue. And click here to see more pictures.