Why don’t I hate this? I don’t. Like it’s not daywear, I think we’re all kind of clear on that, but to me Keira Knightley is the actual personification of what Manic Pixie Dream Girl wants to be. Like she’s sort of effortlessly ethereal but not in an annoying way.  

Let me try to clarify here. At one point there was an overhead shot as one of the million people sitting too far away from the stage was shuffling up for their win. And Keira Knightley leaned forward, engaged and delighted in what her tablemate was saying. Just in the background of what should have been a walking shot. And I fell in love with her. Those kinds of crushes that 12 year old boys get on TV. Like that.

She just seems interesting and not pretentious and genuinely delighted, and that’s in such short supply that I have to forgive, somehow, the rows of lace and the sort of demented grown-up Elsa nightie part of the whole thing. Because it’s charming, like if the birds who contributed feathers to her dress dressed her, Cinderella style. And yes, she’s pregnant, which seems like a nonissue in this dress, but accounts for the whole “30 people made this” thing.

Also that lipstick is perfect. 

What do we think she has to say about Benedict Cumberbatch, privately with her friends? Like…she doesn’t get it either, right?