You know, every headline on this topic that I read said “Keira Knightley FINALLY reveals baby’s name”. Were we all waiting on this with bated breath? I feel like the low-key quality that led her not to announce until now is the same one that gave us maybe less than rabid excitement. Or was it just me?

If it was, it was also just Keira. Because the baby’s name is Edie Righton, no explanations or long stories, no six middle names. It’s a lovely name – Edie has come up a couple of times in my larger circles recently, and both times it’s been met with a bit of awe at its simplicity and smooth sound. “Edie!” People get excited about it.

But, like Scarlett Johansson before her, Knightley and her husband chose a name that is in no way going to point big arrows at her all “Look look she’s the child of a famous actress!” Edie Righton sounds a liiiittle British, definitely classy, but that’s about all. 

I’ll admit that if we’re going to make a big old deal about ‘we finally know the name’, there’s something about a middle name that makes me feel like we’re in on a secret – case in point, I still remember that Shiloh is Shiloh Nouvel – but the fact that this name is so straightforward is what makes it utterly unimpeachable, and relatedly, Keira Knightley has proven herself so not-extra about the whole affair that I now like her way more.