Keira Knightley wasn’t at the Palm Springs Film Festival last weekend alongside Benedict Cumberbatch to represent The Imitation Game. He said she was sick. Word is she had a cold.

Here she is at Heathrow today though, heading to LA ahead of the Golden Globes on Sunday where she’s been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Keira is pregnant. If that were me, I’d want nothing to do with a ball gown, no elastic waistband, a long red carpet and a 3 hour award show where everyone around me gets to drink champagne. And then…the parties. That would be my definition of suck.

Winning would make up for it, right?

She’s in a category with Patricia Arquette for Boyhood who’s considered a favourite for pretty much everything. It’s a tough fight. Having said that, it’s also practically a guarantee that Keira will be wearing the better dress.