Keira Knightley went full angel at the Hollywood Film Awards in an exquisite Giambattista Valli dress. That applique around the neck and down one arm is pure gorgessity and, God, I love the sleeves. Not even those sh-tty shoes could take away from it.

So they gave her the Best Supporting Actress Award. The real favourite however in this category is Patricia Arquette. In second place, it’s probably a tie right now between Laura Dern (Wild) and Emma Stone (Birdman). But there’s always the Harvey Weinstein factor, right? And Keira was seated with Harvey most of the night. Every year Harvey seems to have a lady muse. Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, now Keira Knightley? I’m told she was playing exactly by Harvey’s campaign strategy too that night, just like Benedict Cumberbatch. Keira wants to go to the Oscars. OK then. Over to you Arquette, Stone. What’s your move?