After several months of low profile living, Keira Knightley emerged in spectacular fashion this weekend in Paris to shoot an ad for Chanel wearing the most sublime suede camel catsuit and matching booties showing off a sleek bob. Love it.

Keira has two films screening at TIFF: Never Let Me Go and the closing night film Last Night. It seems however, at press time, that she will not be attending. She is expected to be at the London Film Festival although the Daily Mail is reporting that she’s recently changed her official residence to read the United States, speculating that she may be trying to avoid paying taxes. Apparently she and Rupert Friend have been living on a boat.

This reminds me of the Burtons who blithely sailed around on a luxury yacht called Kalizma to avoid having to give the government their cash money. They’d cart around their ten thousand dogs and children and chests of jewels and liquor from port to port, like throwing money into the water, arguing when they weren’t making love and making love to stop themselves from arguing.

Keira’s spokesperson has not commented on the rumours.