I really, really want to see Begin Again. Love Keira Knightley. LOVE Mark Ruffalo. Have you seen him in the poster? Check out the poster. How his legs are arranged, how rumpled and adorable his hair is.

You know why I’m afraid to see Begin Again?

Um. Adam Levine.

Not into Adam Levine.

Anyway, it’s a movie about music. And she sings, a whole album full of songs. Vulture posted one of them today and she’s not shaming Beyonce or anything but …it’s not bad. Limited. Baby-talk singing, you know? Like poser hipster on a bicycle singing. Oh look it’s raining while I’m on my bike but I have my umbrella in my basket, next to my typewriter, and it’s printed like wood paneling.

Here’s Keira arriving today at her NY hotel.