I feel a little weird about perpetuating that thing where gay men tell women that they should worship other women with model faces and even thinner-than-model bodies, so forgive me, but I think Keira Knightley is pretty much the best. She’s funny, she makes perfect period pieces (tweet at me if you wanna talk Anna K), she’s got great taste in skinny hipster boys, I could go on and on. In the new issue of Marie Claire though, you have to laugh when she says this:

“I won’t be defined by objects, I just won’t.”

She’s talking about some ridiculously expensive jewels and explains that Things don’t matter to her. While you have to give it up to the girl for trying to keep it real, her problem here is a problem reserved for only the ultra-fancy among us. The rest of us aren’t really in danger of being defined by the stuff we own because the stuff regular people own is mostly cheap garbage. Which of my crappy stuff could I base my personality on? My Ikea glassware? My old university text books? The mostly empty condiment bottles taking over my fridge?

In Keira’s world though, Karl forces you into couture, your London flat is exquisite, and birthday gifts come from Sienna Miller, so it’s probably tempting to obsess over all your shiny bobbles. Good luck to her, I guess? Sounds like a pretty nice problem to have. 

In the interview she also throws a little shade at Kate and Will, saying she’s excited for the royal heir but is against the idea of a monarchy. Is this a controversial thing for a Brit to say? Seems like we’re more into the Duke and Duchess over here. Anyway, this bit has inspired my new drag name. You can catch me performing as Keira Knightshade – a fierce queen with zero possessions.

Here’s the video from her photo shoot. She says “f-ck” a lot.

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