Most of you seem convinced she has an eating disorder. And when the Daily Mail suggested that her thinness contributed to the death of a young girl who died of starvation, Keira Knightley fought back, suing the paper and winning in court, refusing to apologise for her body, insisting she eats, insisting she is healthy, and growing more and more irritated by accusations otherwise.

In London last night for the premiere of Atonement, Keira was clearly still in a daring and defiant mood. Wearing an unbelievable Rodarte dress, strategically slashed in all the right places, Ms Knightley left little to the imagination.

No doubt, the debate will rage on. Am sorry to say, I can’t decide if she is or isn’t. And I’m too distracted by how incredibly she’s been styled. Love the dress, love the tiara, love the entire look, except that annoying pout. Like, give it up already.

But just to be catty – here’s a very good shot of her crazy underbite. Maybe it is better that she pouts?