Keira Knightley’s been in Seattle shooting Laggies. She stepped in to replace Anne Hathaway who decided to work on Song One instead, produced by her husband Adam Shulman. Does it seem like those two keep getting crossed in the mail? Becoming Jane/Pride & Prejudice, both were up for Selena Kyle, Steve Carell movies, and should Keira have played Emma Morley in One Day?

Anyway, Keira’s back in in London now, with her husband of two months, James Righton, seen here today arm in arm, in newlywed mode and enjoying the summer. I feel like Keira Knightley’s figured it out now. It’s really, really great to see that. 

But we won’t see her again at the movies until the end of the year in Jack Ryan. And then in 2014, we should see her a lot…

There’s Laggies and Can A Song Save Your Life and all 3 of those films are contemporary pieces which means… no corsets! It’ll be a refreshing change, non?