And we’re not even done yet.

You remember the Chanel dress from the other day – click here for a refresher. And another, and another, and another. Keira Knightley always delivers the style porn.

White cocktail length, long white with black spots...

And today?

Look at this.

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL THING. With, I dunno, video game characters and that belt and the colour and the high collar and she still has one more carpet to go for Laggies tonight. I quite like the choices she’s been making the last couple of years. We all know she can take the level of work that’s required for The Imitation Game, of course. And Everest is going to be an intense drama too. But it’s also refreshing to see her playing a lighter side. She’s irresistible in Laggies. And, um, that moment when Sam Rockwell pulls her in? I’m seeing it just for that.