Keira Knightley says in this issue of Entertainment Weekly that the C-word – referring to female genitalia – is “not as big of a deal (in England) as it is in America.”

Totally agree.

In North America it’s arguably the worst word ever. But if you’ve seen Atonement, you probably came away from the experience with a newfound sensual appreciation for “C” that never existed before. Particularly when modified by the two adjectives that come before it.

If you haven’t seen Atonement, you must. Atonement is a gorgeous movie. And it stays with you. One that isn’t so much about individual performances as it about a collective excellence resulting in a rich, layered, and timeless film focused on The Story.

Oh…and there’s a super hot love scene. The best kind of love scene. No gratuitous nudity and still the horniest 2 minutes ever. I mean HORNY. Of course, as is always the case in movies, creating that effect required meticulous planning. Says Keira:

"You have to believe that they will wait for each other for five years based on that one moment. So it had to be erotic, and it had to be passionate enough. We talked about it a lot. Most directors just go, "Oh, you know what to do. Just get on with it." Well, actually, I don’t know what to do. This is a relative stranger, and I’m in front of a group of strangers and I don’t know what to do. Joe (the director) was incredibly precise. He had storyboarded the whole thing: My foot coming out of my shoe, biting my lip at the end, the way my head turns — that was all completely him. And during it, because it was so close and it was on a Steadicam, we didn’t know what part of the body the shot was on. So Joe literally shouted [directions] out as we were doing it."

Coming back to the C-word again – director Joe Wright reportedly fought hard to keep it in the film, despite an increasingly conservative ratings board. The MiniVan Majority probably can’t handle it, see?

In the end, Joe won. And the “C” stayed. But there was much discussion about a substitute. During the EW photoshoot, the quivering James McAvoy hilariously suggested:

Lady Garden

… which I suppose works for sexytime but what about when you just want to call Heather Mills what she is? Or Denise Richards?

Those two are NOT Lady Gardens. But they are definitely definitely c*nts.