I"m a big fan of you and you"re site, but I have to say I"m a bit disappointed. Is Clive Owen so hot that he can be excused for his dry thin lips??? Okay, the bottom one is there but the top one is practically non-existant...it doesn"t even appear when he"s talking. Look at the attached picture...he"s attempting to kiss someone with those things??? How do you kiss with only a bottom lip??? Ewww...these panties are staying on! Dear Taryn, You"re right. Clive is not the most attractive guy in the world. But that"s the whole point, isn"t it? He is what they call ugly sexy. Or sexy ugly. Whatever the case, there is something in his UNhotness that makes him so very hot. Clearly you do not see this, and I accept that. The Freebie 5 after all is a very personal compilation of lust objects, understandable only to the owner of the list themselves. However, I would like to applaud you on your use of "dry thin lips", a terribly unfortunate condition that needs its own awareness campaign, if not only to warn others of its existence but also to urge those who suffer from it, like Keith Urban, to quickly get some help. Thank you Taryn for keeping this on the forefront of our collective consciousness.