Keith Urban looking rough in NYC yesterday doing some shopping after visiting Good Morning America with The Freeze. You will note, Keith’s coif bears a striking resemblance to Criss Angel’s, pictured here on Monday at Virgin Unite – it’s the Anti-Quiver Coif. Or Meg Ryan’s Coif from 1995. On a man… not sweet.

My friend Michelle put it best the other day: both Keith and Criss look like the kind of dudes who’d never leave home without their hair straighteners. Gross.

But clearly Michelle and I must be in the minority on this one. Because word is, Criss Angel left the Virgin party on Monday night and went back for a private bash in his hotel room accompanied by not one, not two, but three dancers and at one point, as a few people were milling in and out of his suite, he supposedly had no compunction about nailing one from behind while the others were wrapped around the sex cocoon waiting for action. Vegas styles…love it.

But with that magic freak poseur? Really???

As for Keith... some curious rumours are starting to float around about the entourage. Will keep you posted.

photos from Splash