I just wanted to say that you are totally on-target regarding Keith Urban"s Hoffness. I will not hesitate for a moment agreeing that he is full-on poser. Seeing Nicole and him at the Grammy"s together was awkward. The love-vibe I sense between them is similar to the one I get when I see Jessica Simpson out with her stylist Ken Paves...all he"s missing is Ken"s pointy Euro man-flats. Keith"s tanned, bald chest looked like he belonged alongside Ricky Martin in the pics here Ricky"s working out on the beach in his speedo. Nicole needs to find herself a REAL man. Dear Michelle, Hey, you’re preaching to the coverted here. You know what’s strange though? I have heard nothing, not even a peep, no vitriolic spew, no debate, no dispute from the Cowtown Keith contingent in Canada or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, the only emails I’ve received from Calgary, Alberta have all been decidedly anti-dry thin lips. Could it be that even the most diehard Urbanites are finally seeing his cheese?