Kenny Chesney took home Entertainer of the Year honours at the CMA Awards last night – well deserved according to everyone in Nashville and not exactly a surprise. As one of my sources said to me last week, “The only way Keith wins it is if SHE buys it for him again like last year.” For all the publicity posturing, I’m telling you… they really don’t like her down there. Still…it wasn’t a complete bust. Although he lost out on 3 of 4 categories, Keith did win Male Vocalist and he sent along a note that was read aloud by Ronnie Dunn: "To my wife, Nicole, I love you. I"m looking forward to coming home and seeing you all soon." I can tell you the first reaction was snorting. Not only because of the obvious pro-Kidman wording of the statement but also because many people saw his car parked outside of his house yesterday – even though he was “looking forward to coming home”. As I’ve already mentioned, rumour around town is that he left rehab on Thursday. And rumour around town is that the Freeze is controlling the entire situation, quite satisfied that her new image is that of supportive wife and life inspiration. But before you Rossum, as I’ve been telling you, more sh-t will drop…and soon. Will keep you posted. Here’s Kenny celebrating his victory. Someone should tell Keith – there really IS life after Hollywood.