Covering my Chinese ass…you get the drill. Word from source in Nashville – rumour has it he’s out of rehab, did his two week duty, allegedly more for PR purposes than for actual treatment and is now a free man...from the centre, of course, and not from the Freeze. As I hear it, the reason he went in *allegedly* is because SHE was embarrassed about the cheating scandals, wanted to bury them in something more sympathetic. He does indeed have substance abuse issues but *allegedly* that wasn’t the primary motivation. As for those reports that staying clean was a part of the prenup, insisted upon by Tom Cruise – my spies say that’s total rubbish. What isn’t rubbish is that the contract *allegedly* stipulated that he couldn’t get caught. Believe what you will, be skeptical if you have to, I’m just relaying the Nashville buzz, but I can tell you for sure this isn’t the end of the drama. More will be dropping soon. Wait for it, you’ll get it all here in time.