How was your Father’s Day? Did you call your dad? I called my dad in Toronto, promised to take him out for dinner when we’re in town next week, and had dinner last night with Jacek’s dad over proper Polish blood sausages topped off with a cigar.

How did Keith Urban spend his Father’s Day?

Well for Keith Urban, there was no Father’s Day. There was only his wife’s birthday. And she arrived home for her birthday in LA on Sunday, with Sunday Rose, met at the airport by her doting husband who sacrificed his own paternal holiday so that she could properly enjoy a day deserving of a Queen. Gran doesn’t share. Because in the Kidman/Urban household, they are incapable of celebrating two occasions at the same time.

I really, really love that he picked her up from the airport. How many times have you seen a celebrity airport pick-up at LAX? Very rare. But how many celebrities are loved the way Nicole is loved? He keeps having to prove it, publicly and privately, over and over and over again. Baby Girl always gets what she wants.

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