Nicole Kidman is currently in Australia. Her sister Antonia was married a while ago and the celebration is this weekend. Here she is in a sateen jump suit attending a family dinner. Nicole and Sunday Rose made the trip without Keith Urban who is touring. Her birthday is Sunday. The same day as Father’s Day. Which means she trumps Father’s Day, at least according to Keith.

"(Australian Father’s Day is) in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday. I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September." (source)

I don’t understand why you can’t celebrate both. I also don’t understand why he keeps calling her “Baby Girl”. Can’t find the video right now because I’m writing on blackberry but when Keith accepted his CMT Award last week he made a point of thanking “Nicole, my Baby Girl” sitting in the audience. His wife the “Baby Girl” is the same woman I call Granny Freeze. That’s just dumb.

And gross.

And really cheese.

That sh-t is a dealbreaker for me. But you know, Baby Girl Granny, she loves it so much.

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