Keith Urban arrived in Sydney on July 4th. At least that’s how the photo agency has dated the pictures. They’re the ones of him in a grey shirt and jeans.

Today, July 6th, Urban was photographed at the airport with Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman, and their two children Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, heading back to the US. That’s a LOT of travel in just 48 hours. Jesus. Can you imagine? It takes something like 15 hours to get there from LA. The time difference is something around there too. And you have to turn it all around and get back on plane in less than two days with two kids under 3? This is hell to me.

Urban has been on tour since mid-June, had a week off, and starts up again tomorrow in Pennsylvania. After flying back from Sydney to pick up his family. You know, I think that’s kinda sweet. Crazy, but sweet. Contractually obliged to, perhaps, but sweet.

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