Check out Nicole Kidman back to work on The Secret In Their Eyes with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Julia Robert after the Oscars.

Have you seen the video of her backstage at the Oscars? Someone sent me a note today about Keith Urban's social media videos. He posted one on Instagram from the other night. Like, nothing gossipy but it's a side of her we don't see very often. Here it seems like she's tipsy which, which is possible, since they have Moët running through the taps during the show.



Having a blast backstage!!! - KU #Oscars

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There's another one from the Grammys. This time they're in the car. And he's being boring while you wish she'd come back into the frame. Right? Watch. It's not like you give a sh-t about what he's saying. All you want to see is more of her trying to feel him up. His "baby". Always with the "baby". The "baby" side of her is what you're watching here.

I'm not a "baby" kind of person. I find it kind of embarrassing. According to the dirty books I like reading though, it's a turn on for a lot of women, possibly many of you. Definitely for her. You think Tom Cruise called her "baby"?

I can't imagine it.