Keith Urban and Idol

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 6, 2012 20:11:53 September 6, 2012 20:11:53

I’ve been hearing from readers in Australia who’ve written to tell me about how Keith Urban was on The Voice down there. Apparently he was an excellent judge, very popular, and it boosted his profile, probably album sales too. Urban of course has been rumoured to be negotiating for a spot on the panel for Mariah Carey’s American Idol. TMZ has been reporting that they’re close but it’s not quite done yet. Here are more signs that he’ll be one of the projected four: my sources tell me that originally Urban was planning to kick off a tour in April. They’re now working to push that back until September which, obviously, would free him up for the show. A new album has also been delayed. If that’s the case, it’s smart. You just need to look at the example of Jennifer Lopez.

Could the universe arrange itself in a way that we’d see Keith Urban rise so spectacularly on Idol, something he’s been waiting for since he married Nicole Kidman, that he might actually eclipse her? Three months ago I would have been skeptical. And then Katie Holmes rewrote the playbook and it’s just... I feel like the rules are changing all the time.

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