There’s good cheese (Mimi & Celine) and bad cheese. Bad cheese seems to be taking over Twilight. With the exception of Kristen Stewart and Jackson Rathbone, many members of the young cast are more “Hills” than Cool, more Audrina Patridge styles than KStew steeze. Taylor Lautner is getting cheesier and cheesier, same goes for Ashley Greene, and Kellan Lutz is the worst. Straight up revolting. Kellan Lutz could be on Jersey Shore.

Here he is, in full hustle during Super Bowl weekend, Twilight’s very own Annalynne McCord with a penis. Sometimes when I scan our photo agencies, if I glance quickly at Kellan, sometimes I think it’s Perez Hilton. I know Perez would laugh his tits off about this. Something tells me vain ass Kellan wouldn’t find it very complimentary. There’s a desperation about Kellan Lutz that his pumped muscles and his tweaked nipples can’t overcome. I don’t want you when you want me to want you so bad.

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