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Written by Sarah

These Twilight kids, they all think they’re huge. Kellan Lutz thinks he’s bigger than them all. Not even divalicious Ashley Greene comes across as self-satisfied as Lutz does these days. Look at Lutz, photographed arriving in Montreal yesterday, smirking his way through the airport. Look at that smirk. That is one self-satisfied smirk. Lutz held out for more money in Breaking Dawn In comparison, Robert Pattinson, the one actually entitled to more money, did not fuss with his Breaking Dawn contract. Did he get a huge raise? Of course. Did he quibble with the producers and the studio for weeks? No. Because Pattinson has the makings of a real star. We can debate his actual talent, or whether or not we think he’s attractive, but the ingredients and opportunities are lining up right for him. Lutz on the other hand…well it’s an uphill climb. He’s one of many vying to separate from the pack. And that face, well, it’s not special. The cheesy catalog smile, the constant practiced posing, it’s a dime a dozen. Whatever Kellan Lutz is selling, I am not buying.

Also included are photos from last night’s Twilight special on Jimmy Kimmel in advance of the release of Eclipse. Everyone was there, except for Kellan of course, because he has to go to work on the epic and anxiously awaited Immortals. Oh wait…no, that’s Pattinson, currently filming the much-anticipated adaptation of Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants opposite Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. I see Pattinson in the cast photo, but no Lutz. See what I mean? RPattz can get a night off from his movie, a legitimately massive production with huge expectations in which he is The Star, but Lutz can’t wait one day to arrive in Montreal for a movie that is at best Clash of the Titans: The high school years? I don’t think so. This is straight up posturing.

Am loving Kristen Stewart’s dark grey dress, but my favorite is Dakota Fanning’s silver mini. And someone please tell Nikki Reed to stop spray-tanning. She’s like burnt sienna in these photos and it’s frightening me.

Written by Sarah
Photos from Wenn.com and PunkD Images

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