Kellan Lutz arrived in Vancouver last night to get to work on Twilight. Lutz seemed to be in great spirits to be back in Vancouver, even giving one of the photographers a hug after asking for her whereabouts. Well that’s awfully friendly, isn’t it? Especially since last year he and his people were rather accusatory about an incident in Montreal – he claims he was run over by this same pap and feared for his safety, going so far as to file a police report that was eventually dropped because there was no evidence.

Would you be friendly with someone you claim hit you with a car? But they look awfully friendly here, non? So what’s the problem? The problem was that Lutz was caught smoking and panicked and couldn’t find a tree or a book to pose with – click here for a refresher - and THAT was his objection that day. But, you know, making up false allegations is totally the right thing to do when you f-ck up. Can you mercy forgive someone on the basis of intellectual limitation? He just might be dumber than Jessica Simpson. And given that there really isn’t much activity up in that head beyond “flex”, I actually don’t know how he remembers his lines.

Anyway, Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys also landed in Vancouver last night.