You heard about the record temperatures in LA right? It hasn’t been exactly cool in surrounding neighbours either. So ... what did Kellan Lutz decide to do?

Oh no, it was too hot to take a book up in a tree and start reading as the paps came along for the ride, of course not. Instead, Kellan decided to play some pick up outside his house. With his shirt off, naturally. Because that’s a better way of cooling down. And guess what?

Photographers just happened to be waiting there, ready to shoot Kellan in his “candid” moment.

Never mind that there are a million cheaters in Hollywood right now waiting to be caught, and Lindsay was on her way to rehab yesterday too, and everyone was hunting for that picture too, but these paps, they decided they’d just bunk out at Kellan’s on the offchance he’d come out with his nipples tweaked?

I told you before, it’s cash business. And you don’t cash up on a third tier actor like Kellan Lutz unless it’s a sure thing. Even then it’s only a half hour stop.

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