It might actually be impossible to replicate the coolness that is Kelly Clarkson.   When she wins awards, she still geeks out like a newbie – but there’s never any doubt that she knows she deserves it. No false modesty. In fact, as Kelly smoothly transitioned from country to soul last night, I thought  “Does she consciously realize she’s the best all-around singer in the place? Or does she try to ignore that to stay humble?” You guys, she won a televised singing competition. A mocked one, at that, in its very first season. And she’s basically the queen of the music industry. Nobody shifts genres like she does. Nobody.

I was so happy, too, last night, to see she’s gotten off the weight-loss hamster wheel.   She doesn’t have to prove herself in that way anymore. Sure, she’s a person like anyone else, and will probably take some off for videos, but that’s not what gets judged when she walks in the door. It’s all the voice.

So for her sake, I hope the “sexy fiance” is appreciative – his face was pretty nonplussed when she shouted him out last night in all her exuberance, but um,  maybe that’s just his face? He must know he’s pretty lucky, right? (Start at 2:45 if you just want to get his expression.)