Babies are breaking news

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 20, 2013 15:01:03 November 20, 2013 15:01:03

I reach for my blackberry when the alarm goes off. I scan for Breaking News Alerts. Those are the emails I open first. This morning there was a Breaking News Alert. I readied myself for what could be a big day ahead. The Gossip Adrenaline kicked in…

“Kelly Clarkson is pregnant”

Very happy for her. Love her. So great that she’s having a baby. Wish her all the best.

But…is it breaking news?

She’s a healthy, 31 year old woman who just got married. I’m no pregnancy expert but I feel like… 31 year old healthy women get pregnant all the time. Even in Hollywood. Especially in Hollywood. Also, her child, as much as she adores it, will not be a future king or queen. And, frankly, as awesome as Kelly Clarkson is – and she is indeed awesome – it’s not like she’s Brange, you know?

By the way, Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant and that’s a Breaking News Alert too.


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