Kelly Clarkson’s son has arrived, and has been named Remington Alexander, younger sibling to River Rose, and to Brandon Blackstock’s older children, Savannah and Seth.

Clearly there’s some alliteration love going on here, since Remington goes with River as Savannah goes with Seth. I’m not mad about it, some letters are more giving than others, let’s be honest. 

Remington is way more rare than River though, and I knew it reminded me of something but had to look up the various references. When I did, I went “Right! Remington Steele.” Then, a second later, “….What is that again?” 

I don’t know if there’s some family connection to the name, but reference-wise, Remington is either Remington Steele (if you’d forgotten, like I have, it was a spy series in the 80s), or, apparently, a brand of gun and also a brand of electric shavers.  Or it’s none of those. There are people online who are talking about these possibly unfavourable comparisons, and they might be right—but they’re definitely adults. No kid or contemporary of Remington is going to know or care about most of those references. For them, Remington may as well be Grayson, or Hamilton, which you know is a name boom that’s coming.  

Having said that, I’m not much for nicknames, but I have a bet with myself on how long it takes before this kid is ‘Remy’. It might be because I think Kelly Clarkson is so charming and unpretentious I think she would find even three syllables too many, but I’m betting he’ll be ‘Remy’ by the October ‘meet my baby’ magazine spread.