Sharon Osbourne is without a doubt a crazy bitch. But as loopy as she is, Sharon Osbourne at least knows her limits. At least when it comes to her children.

The reality show f&cked them up. Both Kelly and Jack had rumoured addiction issues, both sought treatment right away and Sharon has acknowledged as much. She owned it, she admitted it was a bad decision, totally exploitative, totally a mistake.

Contrition, when genuine, is all good. And as a result, Sharon then stopped pimping her kids and let them live.

Then there’s Dina Lohan – full of excuses and full of sh-t, still talking to media outlets every day, still squeezing every ounce of juice from her child, eager to send her employee out for more, and this time taking on 2 time Oscar winner and former child star Jodie Foster, who might know a thing or two about growing up famous, and who, when asked in an interview, spoke frankly and quite rightly about Dina’s in Lilo’s downfall.

Of course Dina had to retort through and of course Dina defended her actions, repeatedly reiterating her purely altruistic approach as a parent. Bitch… please.

Sharon on the other hand…well today Sharon is a proud parent. Sharon’s daughter Kelly has emerged from the MTV reality curse and has worked hard for a legitimate career on stage. Last night at the London premiere of Chicago, Kelly reportedly wowed the crowd and looked beautifully curvaceously svelte – if that makes sense.

Here she is, finally seeming comfortable in her own skin, finally able to grow as an individual.

Love, love, love.

And as gaygay Wentie would say – Brava.