I tried to come up with a name combination for Miley + Halloween like Brange. Mile-aween? Hallo-Cyrus? Nothing works. And besides, the moniker thing has gotten so lame.

Anyway, how many Miley Cyrus costumes do you think you’ll see at the parties tonight? Should you rethink it if that’s what you’re planning to go as? Yes. Unless…maybe you want to blend in?

Here are Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan today in costume as Miley and Robin Thicke for their show today. Apparently they went through something like 50 costumes. I saw some of it when I was in makeup this morning. Ian Ziering was on and they did a Sharknado spoof. Spoof? Can you spoof a spoof? Kelly played Tara Reid in the video. Was really, really funny. Way funnier than everyone being Miley Cyrus.