Kelly Rowland had a baby boy yesterday and I had to look up just about everything about it, which did not strike me as a bad thing. So in case you, like me, didn’t know, she’s married to Tim Witherspoon, her manager, and this is their first child.

So, I don’t know if I would have chosen “Titan Jewell”. The meaning isn’t hard to get at, a titan who’s also a jewel – they, like many, want their son to feel loved and worshipped and cared for. I get it. But I have to wonder, is this borne out of the decidedly normal names his mother and father have? That is, were they so bored with being Kelly and Tim that they thought “that’s not the kind of fate we want for our kid – let’s give him something people really can sink their teeth into. He’ll never be mistaken for anyone else”?

I was talking to someone incredibly smart the other day who said she thinks celebrities have the luxury of naming their kids whatever they want because the names will never be on a resume.

I guess I hope for his sake that that’s true for Titan Jewell.