Yesterday I asked you to think about how much cash money you’d demand in exchange for lying underneath Kelsey Grammer. I was really graphic about it. Because you have to imagine in order to appreciate Kayte Walsh’s life choice. What she’s sacrificing. Everyone who responded said there’d be no way. That there’s no price for it. That you would never, ever, ever let Kelsey Grammer inside. Not even for $10 million? I guess golddiggers don’t read gossip blogs.

While you might be sure that you would never be able to have sex with him, do you think you’d be able to lie in the sun with him while he tries to put his tongue in your mouth and rub tan lotion all over your body? If fingers could vomit, mine would have just now writing that sentence.

But Kayte Walsh is by no means unique. It’s not like she’s the only bitch with gag control. In fact, she’s just one of many, millions, who have no problem suppressing their gags, somehow able to compartmentalise their disgust, putting it away, burying it underneath the greed, the desperation, the pragmatism?

She doesn’t have to work anymore. I mean, he’s all up in her ass right now, but gradually, presumably, they’ll fall into a regular pattern and she’ll really only have to be touched by him for an hour or so a day, right? Maybe less? I mean he’s not getting any younger. And she can spend the rest of her time shopping or seeing friends or reading or travelling…

For some people, for a LOT of people, that’s a priority. Consider that, seriously. A life without financial stress. A life of ease and comfort. You can read for an entire week if you want to because you have nothing else to do but suck an old dick now and again. If he’s good to you…why not?

This is the mindset.

I know women like this. Hong Kong is full of women like this. I think Hong Kong is still breeding girls like this. Philosophy: Security > Love.

Photos from Pichichi/