What is it about certain middle-aged men and their lack of awareness? The common assumption is that women fear loneliness more than men. Kelsey Grammer is making a really good case for equality in that category. And it’s probably more than loneliness too. It’s a loneliness-ego combination.

I’m a man who has to have a woman to make me feel like a man.

He’s not a unique case, either. He’s probably very common. Maybe they should make a reality show about that. It would balance out the shrew-tv that’s so popular these days. Those f-cking Real Housewives of Whatever F-cking City.

Anyway, Kelsey was at the airport in New York yesterday waiting for his bags with his new piece – they’re apparently getting married soon – and couldn’t help himself to her mouth. I wonder how much she gets paid every time he does that. You would have to pay me. Because, obviously.

But is it worth it?


How much cash money would it take? To spend the next several years lying on your back, pretending to enjoy it while he grunts and gets off on top of you? I’m sorry it’s so graphic…but the point is, I want you think about what it would be like to endure that. You’re 29 years old. Reasonably attractive. In it for the easy life. So you share your bed with it.

What would be your price?

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com