Couple of quick details to get you caught up on how Nic is faring now that Little Sci has landed. Kidman and Urban have been spending a lot of time in New York, much to the rumoured consternation and chagrin of his management team and his fans. According to my sources, Nicole wants to make NYC their permanent home, and she wants him to spend as little time in Nashville as possible. She believes he can record anywhere, that he doesn"t necessarily have to stay in Countryland, she likes the energy of the city, she prefers the amenities and the upscale benefits, and she certainly knows that she has more control of his whereabouts and his tour bus activities if she can keep him isolated from his crew. No decision has been made yet but creatively, Keith is starting to believe that he"s more than honky tonk - that with Nic"s support, he has the makings of some kind of international Bono-level rock star. And yes, she certainly does have the clout to make a few phonecalls, get him in a few new doors. Isn"t that what a contract is for??? Needless to say, these delusions of grandeur aren"t helping in the studio and as I hear it, the sessions for the next album are going badly, with a month"s worth of work and nothing to solid to show for it...and all this in the face of increasing backlash from his core fanbase, especially since he decided to call off a few fan-focused events that had been promised for a long, long time. Rumour has it, people are NOT impressed. And as a result, there appears to be a country migration over to Kenny Chesney territory. Someone who didn"t "go Hollywood and leave us in the dust." I"ll keep you posted. But suffice to say, it"s probably best to exercise a little skepticism when you hear reports of them getting all lovey dovey in the Hamptons. Just a suggestion.