As you"ve all heard, a wedding has been planned for later on this month. Most likely at some exlusive health resort in Australia and everyone in Nashville is convinced it will really happen this time, which isn"t exactly cause for celebration. They can"t stand her. They can"t stand her because they can"t stand HIM with HER. The work ethic is gone, the fan appreciation is gone, Keith is apparently acting like a "damned spoiled brat", rolling around in his friggin" BENTLEY, parking it wherever he wants to, in the middle of the road, in the entrance lane of a public lot, pissing off the locals with the inconvenience of having to put up with his sh*t but also with the sight of him going all Hollywood…in Nashville! Anyway, rumour has it Keith has lost a LOT of weight, and most people I"ve spoken with believe he"s using again. Their words, not mine. As for turning his back on his country roots - it"s a gamble he"s willing to take for a movie career. I"m told she is trying to secure him a role in one of her upcoming projects, lending even more credence to the widely held belief that their relationship is based less on love than it is on a contract. And before you start guffawing with skepticism, please consider that if you are willing to believe that Tom & Katie did it, what makes you think that his EX WIFE wouldn"t go down the same route??? Why? Why ask why? We are talking about Celebrity Citizens here. People who voluntarily have a baby the c-section way so they can save their poonies AND get a tummy tuck at the same time. In other words, applying your own values in these situations is simply a waste of time. Back to Keith - it looks like his days at the top of the Country mountain are numbered if not already over. Jason Aldean is the big talk right now and Kenny Chesney has been working his frickin" ass off (I"m assured he"s NOT gay, by the way) to reclaim the Entertainer of the Year Award at the CMAs in November. For the record - NO ONE is rooting for Keith. Finally…about those baby rumours…as you can see from these recent photos and as revealed in the latest issue of the ever reliable Star Magazine, there is some talk that Nicole is pregnant. For what it"s worth, I haven"t heard a peep about that from anyone on HIS end. Which doesn"t mean she isn"t but if she is, I do love the subtle famewhore way she"s not trying to hide it. I have to laugh though because there"s this urban legend that’s been floating around for years about her being a legitimate hermaphrodite. I"m telling you, it’s a good one. You want to hear it? Like all urban legends, it always starts the same way. Someone"s friend"s boyfriend"s neighbour"s dogwalker"s sister"s massage therapist"s husband is the doctor that delivered Nicole and can confirm that she was born a big question mark. Do you love it? Or do you LOVE it? Photo from Dlisted