Dear Gossips,

As mentioned in yesterday’s open, Kim’s Convenience, Canada’s first sitcom with an Asian cast, was scheduled to premiere tonight at on CBC at 9pm. As also mentioned, many Canadians will be watching the Toronto Blue Jays play the Baltimore Orioles tonight in the wildcard game at the same time. So the network has decided to delay Kim’s Convenience by a week. It will now premiere on October 11 with back-to-back episodes. I’ve set a series recording.

In other Canadian news, have you seen the video released by Kensington Palace following the Cambridges’ visit? There’s been some…reaction. Here, check it out:

Many felt that the tone was weird. I agree. It IS weird. Some are wondering why it feels so sad. I’m not sure it’s sadness necessarily. To me it’s more like nostalgia. Even the colours in the piece are filtered to nostalgia. When you’re watching it though, do you keep expecting Chariots Of Fire to kick in? Either that or the theme from Top Gun. Which actually would be a very good soundtrack to Prince Big G on the tarmac, and then later on the plane, wearing his blue headphones and smushing his face against the window.

Big G is not expected to go on tour again for at least a few years, like a rock star on hiatus. The next time we see new photos of him will likely be at Christmas. I hope he lets Lupo into the picture this year.

Yours in gossip,