Lainey, What do you mean Dermot Mulroney is not a big enough star to be in your Freebie 5? He’s been the male lead in at least 3 blockbusters -- My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Date, Family Stone. And who can forget him in the glorious Copycat with Holly Hunter? I think you are drinking the Canadian Cider a little bit with Ryan Gosling. Will he be a huge star someday? Probably. Is he a huge star right now? Not outside of Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I lust after the boy as well, but he needs another hit or two before his name rolls off the tongue of my fellow Americans. 

Dear Lisa: With all due respect, Dermot was simply a male accessory in each of those female driven movies you just named. And I think even you would agree that coming AFTER Debra Messing in the closing credits of a straight to video release doesn’t exactly scream major Hollywood star. In terms of Ryan’s spot on the Freebie 5, seeing as you are American, I thought I’d borrow from one of your most famous athletes to analogise the situation. Michael Jordan was on Oprah not too long ago and he was discussing how speculative the market is these days with respect to young basketball stars just entering the NBA. In the golden era, players had to earn their Nike contracts and endorsements by actually demonstrating their talent on the hardwood before signing major multi gazillion dollar deals. 

These days however, a player is signed on potential. Potential. The promise of greatness. LeBron James went straight from high school to the NBA, signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers on no professional experience. And well before his very first shift in the majors, he had already inked a shoe deal and a soft drink contract, setting him up for life while proof of his worth was still a big question mark. In the same vein, choosing my Freebie 5 has everything to do with greatness, current or coming. You might not agree with me about my Top 3 but it is indisputable that they each carry much clout in their respective circles. Dermot Mulroney, while fine and sexy, is 42 and can probably count on one hand the number magazine covers he’s landed. His contemporaries are George Clooney and Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt and Jim Carrey. Who’s the odd man out? 

Dermot Mulroney, unfortunately, cannot carry a movie all by himself. His Tinseltown time is ticking. Ryan Gosling however is like LeBron James. Huge potential. Huge future. Huge buzz. Voted Showest Star of Tomorrow in 2004 by American theatre owners. And now an MTV favourite. Which means he appeals to the lowlife Hollywood executive as well as to the mindnumbingly naïve prepubescent teenager. A perfect combination and as such, in the highly speculative world of star f*ckage, I think it’s safe to say that Ryan’s stock is the true blue chip among them all. Dermot? Sorry, honey…but you better sell sell sell!