Julia Roberts is like Grey’s Anatomy for me. Bitch grates on my last nerve but I can’t. I can’t seem to look away. And every time she laughs, every time she honks, every time that mouth opens and those equine teeth go flying I’m like – please stop, but don’t stop...you know what I mean? Last night, the Oprah Oscar Special – Oscar winners interviewing each other, Julia and Clooney kicked it off at his Hollywood Hills home. And they do have great chemistry. Of course he oozed charm, of course she flirted, of course she did the America’s Sweetheart twinkle eye…but she did ask some great questions. She did keep at the ones you would have wanted her to keep at – about his love life, about his eternal single status. He didn’t answer, but she was trying. And then Brad Pitt called. Three-way famous people clever banter, kind of nauseating but at the same time, you WANT to be there. It’s what True Celebrity is all about, right? Because no matter how irritating she is, Julia Roberts is a True Star. As is George, as is Brad. And with true stars, you’d kill for the privilege of just being in their presence. After that, it was Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. Starting with Russell. Never a huge fan. Never a huge non-fan either. He’s a great actor, he’s a crusty f&ck, but he’s interesting. I like interesting. And I also like sexy. Was on a plane recently, caught most of The Good Year. Man…is he ever sexy in The Good Year. Hits you when you don’t expect it to. Same goes for last night. Something in the way he carries his body. And his voice, his deep voice, his accent. Call me Cruise but there was quiver. A little movement in the loins, quite unlike the alarming LACK of movement on Nicole’s face. Seriously gossips…she HAS to stop. The Freeze is getting out of control. Even worse, she’s f&cking annoying. Part breathy baby, part coquette, and all kindsa awkward. Yes, she’s awkward. When she’s trying to be relaxed she’s still awkward. And she’s also completely self absorbed. His answers became her answers. He’s say one thing, she’d cut him off and talk about her thing. Then when he wanted to ask her questions, she’d play like she didn’t want to go there. Believe me, I tried. I tried to tolerate her, and I thought maybe it was just me. Maybe I’m too biased by her fraud. But I was watching with other people. And when they started shouting – SHUT UP!!! – well at that point, you know there’s at least SOME consensus. Particularly when Russell had to make it a point of telling her that her wedding was the most beautiful event ever and that she has to learn to allow herself to be loved instead of preferring to give love. Because Keith truly loves her. Bitch…save the ROSSUM…please??? And stop talking like you actually know your children. For that matter, stop talking like you actually live in Nashville too. Thank Goddess they switched to Sidney Poitier and Jamie Foxx. Is Sidney all class or what? I feel classier just watching him. And even though Jamie has a raging ego himself, kudos to him for recognising when to put it away. Unlike Nicole Kidman. Source