Again, was never a huge fan of Felicity, therefore rather indifferent, but having met her yesterday, I now understand why her supporters are so loyal. Keri is a doll. First the girly details – the big plus is that she doesn’t, like so many of her peers, lie about her height. She is listed at 5 ft 4 and she is indeed 5 ft 4. She’s also barely, barely, barely showing… if at all. Quite slender but not skinny, in a blue tee and jeans tucked into brown boots and a loose knit hat, amazing skin with virtually no makeup, the greatest smile, sweet to everyone, and an imperceptible little bump, only noticeable because she announced she was pregnant. Seriously, if you didn’t already know, you really wouldn’t know. Keri’s at Sundance for a movie called Waitress co-starring Nathan Fillion, Jeremy Sisto, and Cheryl Hines, generating much positive buzz primarily because it’s a good film but also because its writer and director Adrienne Shelley was senselessly murdered just 2 months ago. As you can imagine, the mood was rather sombre, though everyone involved is trying to turn a heartbreaking situation into an uplifting one, and given that Waitress truly delivers on Adrienne’s promise as a talented filmmaker, do go see it when it gets released – you will not be disappointed. Back to Keri – as I said before, she really is delightful. Softspoken but not mousy and extremely considerate, makes a point of shaking everyone’s hand, engaged in a conversation, looks directly at you, and not surrounded and/or hidden by handlers. As they say – Keri Russell is a good egg. Source