Amazing isn’t it? Every time these two go on holiday, somehow the pappies find out where. Even their honeymoon and now in St Barts. Coincidence or conspiracy or the continuation of a tumultuous contract? Whatever it is, they’re workin’ it. And if it wasn’t for the rumblings coming out of Nashville and the amusement that ensued following her dominating interview with Russell Crowe during the Oprah Oscar special, I’d almost be inclined to believe. But the bucolic description of down home life with goats on a farm was just a little too hard to believe, especially since locals have barely seen her infamous Freeze even though she keeps talking about Nashville as her new hometown. Still…at the very least she’s not worshipping aliens and terrorizing masseurs with inappropriately-timed erections which, on the landscape of Battlefield Hollywood, is essentially the lesser of two evils. Source