Below. Gossip. Conjecture. Lots of allegedly. You know the drill. Kate and Chris over, not surprising considering: 1. this is Hollywood 2. she was married at 21 and this is Hollywood and 3. she married a musician at 21 and this is Hollywood So for what it"s worth, here"s what I"ve pieced together, although if you live and breathe this sh*t you"re probably familiar with the infidelity reports - that he is apparently legendary for cheating, that it was one of those things everyone just "knew", like the "Happy" Friend and her "Happy" hook, old news that just blended into the scenery and according to the rumours, her way of dealing with it was to numb the pain through pot, supposedly as legendary for smoking as he was for straying. The underground is buzzing that Kate had a heart to heart with her parents about a month ago and they supposedly told her to get out of denial and wave away the haze. Mostly because of the alleged betrayals but also because she wasn"t happy about a life on the road for her son, which would have been the future if the marriage were to continue. It was Kurt who was the most persuasive, a loving father telling his daughter she deserved more, more than Chris, and - ALLEGEDLY - more than the kind of husband her biological father was to Goldie. Ouch. Thank Goddess Kate Hudson is not one to wallow, which is why Hollywood insiders don"t expect she"ll take the Vanity Fair/Leslie Bennetts route and disdainfully blubber for pity à la Aniston and Swank. Fingers crossed on that one. UPDATE:no wallowing necessary! The clever folks at Us Weekly are pointing at Owen Wilson. LOVE. Definitely approve. And finally, speaking of Jennifer Aniston, the woman with what is undeniably the most beautiful head of hair in Hollywood - it looks like she might have some competition…and from the most unlikely foe. Ryder Russell Robinson - how about those locks? Maybe even superior to Jen"s by virtue of the fact that she achieves hers via blow out while Triple R tosses his au naturel? Nahhhh…I think I"m inclined to leave the distinction with Aniston. After all, everyone deserves at least one A grade, don"t you think? Photos from Gossip Rocks