At the risk of having you bitchbeat me with a telephone...he looks hot, non? Enjoy him very much as an actor, not so much as a celebrity, and when you factor in the sanctimonious ramblings, it doesn"t make for a popular figure. Ive heard this rumour several times, from several different people, about an incident on the set of a movie. There was a girl with multiple piercings and tattoos. He proceeded to lecture her for almost half an hour about how unladylike it was, that she didn"t look feminine, that it was improper. Poor thing was shellshocked, too stunned to tell him to jump up her graffitti ass. Having said that, it"s probably just a rumour, right? After all, Russell Crowe is on the up and up, right? Russell Crowe would never judge people. Or get angry at them. Or engage in 3-ways. Because he"s happily married with two children and men who are happily married with two children just don"t do that sort of thing, didn"t you know? Photo source