You know, it’s not even about explaining how much of a loss it was that The Americans – who are, in name, Rhys and Russell – got so snubbed last night.

Remember Coach and Mrs. Coach? Remember that marriage, and how hot-but-real it felt? Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are much hotter, far more real, AND they’re also together in real life. You’re telling me people don’t want to see more of these people? Keri Russell in that white gown is so glam and down to earth at the same time, it reminded me of a grown-up prom dress – or maybe it was just the way she fixed one of the wings of the skirt onstage, hoping she could do it before the camera caught her. Didn’t you see when the camera cut to them when Larry David said ‘dating’? They’re one of the all-time hot-couple ideals.

But I almost feel guilty talking about how hot they are, because it takes away from the show, in a way.  The biggest travesty to me isn’t that they didn’t win the acting awards—it’s that the show lost out for best writing of a drama. There is nothing on TV that is as sophisticated and layered about danger and obligation and custom and family and parents and terror and rules and seduction, and where they all intersect.

And don’t misunderstand – there are lots of shows that are GREAT on that topic. The Affair, obviously, and Catastrophe and of course Transparent and Scandal and I’m not taking anything away from any of those—I’m saying, of a number of great shows, this one is the very best. 

And if you need more evidence that the writing is incredible, think about this – Rhys and Russell weren’t together when the show started. Basically, the show wrote them together so completely, and they committed to it so absolutely, that it happened in real life. That’s good f-cking writing, corroborated by the single person on Twitter who backed me up to Kathleen: