“Do you want to do Keri Russell?” Lainey asks. She knows I’ll say yes, because I love Elizabeth Jennings so much, and weirdly because none of you are watching the show, it seems as though The Americans is my personal secret, and further seems as though only I can write about women who pronounce their names “Carrie” today.

All this to say, though, that when Keri Russell appears out, it can seem as though it’s actually Elizabeth Jennings on a spy mission which I am completely down with.

So I was shocked that this look has perhaps not gone over as well with some of you as it did with me. Look at everything that’s going on here! There are gorgeous green feathers and that haunting black eye makeup that seems to lend itself to a hint of Black Swan. There’s an air of discontent that seems thematically appropriate. I mean isn’t that what we’re doing here? I’m not pretending Keri Russell is Rihanna in this situation, but it’s not like she’s pulling a Kate Hudson, either. This dress is a thing. This counts. Watch the show!