Do not come crying to me.

The Americans is never going to win any awards, and then you guys are going to discover it like two years after it’s cancelled, and you’re going to try to tell me all about how amazing it is, and how it’s criminal that nobody knew. I do not want to hear it, okay?

What’s more, we don’t need you. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are beautiful and stunning and they are playing truly complex characters and I have absolutely no clue where the story’s going. Life is good – but you know, not unlike Phillip and Elizabeth, you can’t fool them.

When they’re listing off the nominees and they cut to Keri Russell, she laughs. She KNOWS she’s not winning this thing! Look at her face. She knows!

But she knows it’s your loss, not hers. She’s so smart and not a famewhore – she’s the actress you should want in your show, or your movie, and may I remind you again that she is so good at what she does that she made her costar fall in LOVE with her; you should be taking all your Connie Britton fantasies and writing them for Keri instead – except I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t need your pity, so don’t bother.

I also love everything about this outfit, which so clearly doesn’t play the game while still being totally acceptable. It’s the effortless cool of the senior girl with the really great hair and it’s so effortless. It’s what Michelle Williams wishes her outfit was.

God, she turns me into a simpering sycophant. Call me, Keri!