Did you know Kerry Washington went to Spence, the same school in New York as Gwyneth Paltrow? We need to find a copy of those yearbooks. We need to write a show about this. About a girl like Kerry Washington at school with girls like Gwyneth Paltrow. Duana? I know you’re reading. Because, of course, as we’ve noted several times before, we are Kerry Washington fangirls here at LaineyGossip and Duana is our Heather #1.

Kerry covers the new issue of FLARE. I love the styling. I love it because she’s a fashion girl. She has some fashion imagination. Most importantly, she understands that it has to be fun. Which is why sometimes you’re into it and sometimes you’re not. But the point is it’s never boring.

The thing about Kerry though is that the clothes aren’t the most interesting. To me, the two details that stand out from this interview are:

-She crams before going on Bill Maher’s show. Like, she studies. YES! Do! Study! No one is expecting them to know everything. The problem is that most of them know nothing and don’t do anything about it. There she is, in the green room, making sure she’s informed. That’s not talent. That’s WORK. And it tells you a lot about who she is.

-She records her lines on her iPhone and listens to them while she’s on the treadmill so that she can learn her dialogue for Scandal. YES! Do! Multi-task. Me? That’s one tip I can’t steal from her because I can only run to thumping beats but if it’s helping her? Good. Again it goes back to preparation and hustle. It has nothing to do with talent. It has everything to do with commitment and effort – and those are applicable to ANYONE.

Click here for more from Kerry in FLARE including her thoughts on the Complications of Ms Olivia Pope. Scandal is back soon!