You hope for it, at these events. You hope that there will be one look so bad that will make you gasp in…let’s face it… c-nty joy. And then you hope that there will be another look that is the complete opposite, that will made you sigh, with relief, that someone got it right.

This is as right as it’s been in a long, long time on Kerry Washington. But here’s why This Is A Dress, as opposed to the This Is Not A Dress labels I’ve been giving so many other dresses, mostly worn by Emily Ratajkowski or any member of Kanye West’s wife’s family. Or Taylor Swift at the Grammys. It’s one simple detail that takes it from a glorified bikini to an actual piece of creative – those flaps on each side of her chest, you see that? These flaps give weight to the material, evidence of construction, of tailoring, of proper stitching. And from those flaps you can see the reinforced band that holds everything up in delicate balance, around her back, with enough support to manage a cape. And perfectly fit to make sure that the parts around her lower body don’t slide down; they stayed secure to her, even as she moved, comfortably. So it was fashion and it was function. 

And holy f—ckkkk did she glow. This is angel’s skin. Even Matt Bomer’s exquisite angel glimmer would be dimmer next to Kerry’s angel radiance. And Matt Bomer doesn’t have this hair. THIS HAIR. This hair like a halo. Jesus, looking at her last night felt like an atonement.